Aldgate Chambers LLC is focused on all aspects of dispute resolutions including arbitration, High Court litigations, appeals and mediations.  Led by Kenneth Pereira, an experienced litigator and a qualified arbitrator himself, he has put together a strong team of lawyers to build a practice specialising in Dispute Resolutions.

As an independent law practice that focuses primarily on dispute resolution and International Arbitration, Aldgate Chambers would be one of the preferred choices outside of the large or international law firms to take up commercial and corporate disputes.

We are also the counsel of choice for foreign law firms looking to instruct an unaffiliated Singapore Counsel.  Our dynamic team of lawyers can handle sizeable briefs and complex matters on our own or in collaboration with your legal and commercial teams.


Why Us?


  • High Quality Advice and Strategic Planning
    Our clients benefit from the high quality advice and service as a result of our lawyers’ extensive experience, high skill levels and conscientious dedication to our clients’ cause.  We strive continuously to find effective and strategic solutions to our clients’ issues.  Once a dispute resolution process commences, be it litigation or arbitration, all our efforts are focused on achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.  The quality of our work is reflected in the nature of our opposition, which often comprises the large local law firms as well as prominent international law firms.
  • Cost-Efficient and Transparent Legal Fees
    We aim to tailor litigation and arbitration procedures to meet the needs of our clients and the demands of the case, and to ensure a cost-efficient process.  Our clients are discerning decision makers who were previously or are currently still engaging big, international law firms to represent them in court or in arbitration.  We are one of the prime alternative law firms they trust to deliver the standards that they are used to at a reasonable rate.  They are pleased to encounter a team that is lean yet just as formidable as the larger teams they have worked with.
  • Ability to Handle Complex Cases
    Mr Pereira and his team of lawyers is often sought out by clients who face rather complex problems.  He and his team is well placed to grasp and address the most complex and technical questions.  He is also well regarded and respected for his sense of diplomacy in handling sensitive cases and situations.


Our Ethos

We work with our clients in mind – determined and confident in our ability to act in the best interests of our clients.